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Legal Costs when remortgaging

Up to 200,000 400.00 80.00 450.00 90.00
200,001 - 500,000 450.00 90.00 550.00 110.00
500,001 - 750,000 550.00 110.00 650.00 130.00
750,001 - 1,000,000 650.00 130.00 800.00 160.00
1,000,001 - 2,000,000 800.00 160.00 950.00 190.00

NB Please add VAT as shown to our costs, e.g. on a freehold purchase of £300,000 our costs are £600.00 plus VAT of £120.00 = £720.00 plus the disbursements listed below of £265.20 making a total of £985.20. In addition the Land Registry fee and the Stamp Duty need to be added to the costs. In our current example if the title is registered the Land Registry fee will be £135 and the Stamp Duty will be £5,000 (making a total of £6,120.20 in our example) where the purchaser is not a first time buyer and is purchasing their own home. Please see the sections below headed Land Registry fee and Stamp Duty for more information.


These are additional costs incurred to third parties during the transaction:

HM Land Registry Search£3.00
Land Charges (per name)£2.00
Office Copies (per title)£6.00
Bank fee£30.00
Indemnity Insurance£20.00
Alternatively search fee package£211.00
Land Registry fee£20.00 - £910.00 (depending on property price)

Land Registry fee

You can check the fee payable at http://landregistry.data.gov.uk/fees-calculator.html click ‘chose application type’ then click ‘charge - registration of registered land’, select insert ‘transaction value’, click ‘select fee’ and chose electronic fee. This will tell you the amount of the Land Registry fee if the title is registered chose the electronic fee if it is unregistered chose the standard fee.

Stamp Duty

Stamp Duty will only apply whether there is a change in ownership when the new mortgage completes. Please contact us for advice on this point.

For example: If a couple are remortgaging for £175,000 then our charges would be, using the table above, £400.00 plus VAT of £80.00 = £480.00 to which you need to add the disbursements listed above choosing the indemnity rather than the search fee package of £20.00 making £63.00 which = £543.00. To this you need to add the registration fee which on £175,000 using the Land Registry fee calculator is £30.00 making a total of £573.00.